Web Design Service Area

v2Media travels to the *following areas to meet clients and prospective customers:-

  • Cairns, Townsville
  • Makay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg
  • Brisbane CBD
  • Brisbane North-side
  • Brisbane South-side
  • Gold Coast - Tweed Heads
  • Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide
*Subject to budget of proposed works.

v2Media: QLD Family Owned and Operated Company

The Website's Design

The design for the v2media website is inspired from the experience of working at night in the peaceful, wee-hours. Often designers and developers will do their best work after-hours when feeling relaxed and have no source of distractions or interruptions. So the v2Media web design celebrates those 'creative quiet times' with its subdued colours, a low level of light, and as few distractions as possible.

Only 10-20% of new business arrive via this website. Most of our new work is generated by client referrals and on-line marketing. So this website only receives 10-20% of our marketing efforts. A savvy client once mentioned to me,

"It's frustrating trying to find information about web design services. You know, like the executive summary of it all. Everywhere I look it's carbon sales copy and bloody marketing hype!" - Roy.

Now that's a call to action that any web design business owner should head. The v2Media website offers that executive summary. It's primary purpose is to inform and secondly to invite requests for proposals.

-- by Mark Senden.

The Business

v2Media is a Queensland family owned and operated company. Mark Senden and Robyn Senden are the directors. The v2Media business name was first registered in 2004 after Mark had become versed in the industry through several web design and development jobs in Australia and the USA. In 2009, v2Media made the transition from sole-proprietorship to a family owned company. v2Media is now a trading name owned by Marroby Pty Ltd.

The People

Mark Senden gained formal qualifications in Web and multi-media design at Monash University. He completed a Master of Multimedia in 2002 while working in the industry as a web designer. In 2003, Mark studied Small Business Management after gaining a scholarship from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. This qualification empowered Mark to launch his own business in the Web industry. Today, Mark has the role of Director, Lead Developer, and Client Liaison.

Robyn Senden came from a background in the advertising industry. Robyn has worked for some of the most prestigious advertising companies in Australia. At Clemenger-Harvie-Edge (CHE), Robyn was a well known personality for her humour, voice-overs and even lead singer in the CHE band. Her skills in administration, account management, and vocals have proved to be an invaluable asset to v2Media in both day-to-day operations and creative multi-media projects.

All production roles are given to hired staff lead by Mark Senden. v2Media also calls upon a stable of tried and tested sub-contractors during peak demand periods (May and December). We do not 'farm-out' projects to external contractors. Subbies, freelance web designers with their own ABN, only assist our team members on projects during peak demand.

The Philosophy

First and foremost, v2Media has a reputation for business integrity and a passion for building websites. What we say is what we do. We want to help you get a stake in the Internet pie and stick with you for the long haul.

The way we see it, v2Media hasn't sold a product or service until the Client has returned for additional work or referred us. We know that our work and integrity is appreciated by way of referrals from our existing clients [Ed: and the thank-you calls & emails!]. 90% of new v2Media clients arrive after being referred. So client's are royalty in our philosophy; when they call, we jump to it and get the job done.

The websites and applications that v2Media design and develop are primarily focused on business processes and performing required tasks efficiently. Our focus is on getting the job done on time, within budget, and according to the needs of the client's business and target market. Only when we've nailed the job do we consider technological bells and whistles or high-end design to enhance the performance of the product. Keeping it simple is the key to our success.