Brisbane SEO – The SEO Seasons

web design brisbaneSearch engine optimisation demand in Brisbane has seasons we've found; just like anything else in business. When v2Media's clients call for tweaking their website's SEO, it coincides with the 'seasons' experienced in their respective industries. Along the way we have come to appreciate the SEO seasons in Brisbane. Little gems such as the purple panic season and troppo season.

Purple panic is a term coined at the University of Queensland. They say if you haven't started studying for exams by the time the main quadrangle is in full Jacaranda bloom, it's too late. So v2Media calls the mid-spring SEO season, Purple Panic. If a client hasn't called us to get their web-site optimised for summer trade, they're in purple panic.

Brisbane has a troppo season in SEO, right after the heat of summer has really kicked in. Troppo is a well known term that describes peculiar behaviour exhibited by the far north Australian residents during wet season. We don't get the wet season in Brisbane as we're sub-tropical. But as the climate really warms up in Brisbane, so does demand for SEO in the outdoor living and entertainment industries. This is when our clients are catering to the market gone troppo.

When the cold months are settling in, week-end get-aways, touring and travel dominate. Seems contradictory doesn't it? At the time of writing, 12 of the 20 most popular search terms for Brisbane were travel, touring and accommodation related. First whiff of cold weather and we're outta here, it the itchy feet season!

When you're accessing localised search data, it's fringe benefit to sit back and check out the popular searches to see what everyone else is up to. We're quite passionate about Brisbane SEO and these seasons are one way we've taken our appreciation of the local SEO market to another level.

Have you got your website primed for next season's trade?

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