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Web design for generating business on-line has more to it than designing a great looking website. High-end design can only help to generate business if the website is easily found, is easy to use,  and makes efficient use of visitors' time. If the information that your potential customers are after is buried beneath flashy menus or too much branding content, the site is more likely to frustrate than convert to leads or sales.

To help attract new visitors to your company's freshly designed website, v2Media will integrate basic search engine optimisation; as we do for every site we publish. More time is spent on your site's sales strategy than typography and finer points of pretty pixels. By concentrating on attracting new visitors to your site and gently prodding them with sales/conversion tactics, your business website becomes more of an effective sales tool than a glossy brochure.

For Business Web Design, Form Follows Function

v2Media approaches business Web design with the belief that form follows function. Your company website's function is to generate business, so we focus on that purpose first and the design of your website follows that directive. Part of the v2Media web design process includes tailoring the site to the way people use search engines your products and services. Your products and services will be prominent in the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. If your target market is the younger, on-line generation, v2Media will also help with establishing a social networking presence at Facebook, Twitter etc.

Types of Business Web Design at v2Media

Business Operations Website

Do you want to migrate or establish some of your business activities on-line? Some of v2Media's experience in web design for business activities includes:-

  • Wholesale sales or ordering
  • Customised purchasing (options, accessories, product preview)
  • On-line Auctions
  • Premium content or access restriction
  • Showroom, gallery, and page flipping catalogues
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Event management with ticketing and sponsorship sales
  • File-share, group messaging, and project collaboration
  • Hotel/Motel room availability booking facilities

Market Penetration Web Design

If your target market uses the web to source your products and services, v2Media can build you a website that will work 24/7 at penetrating the market. Market penetration websites are informational and sometimes interactive with blog commenting, newsletter subscribing etc.

By researching how your customers search for your services and tailoring the website's content for better indexing by the search engines, the search engines become a major source of new customer referrals. Your website is also made more visible with listings in major directory websites and related sites, such as your suppliers' websites.

The market penetration website has a lead generation and/or sales strategy. The strategy aims to convert fresh visitors to into leads evidenced by phone enquiries or website/email enquiries or more sales. Market penetration is measured with:-

  • statistics on referrals from other websites and search engines
  • unique visitors to the site and number of page views
  • the ratio between unique visitors and web enquiries

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Retail Web Design

Retail web design is in a class of its own due to ties with e-commerce. Visit our retail web design page for more details. » Web Design » Business Web Design