Product Catalogue/Photo Gallery (Portfolio)
Web Design

Product catalogues and photo gallery (portfolio) Web designs are a dime-a-dozen on the web. With such a wide array of choice, both free and commercial, for photo gallery and catalogue applications, you may wonder why would it be worth while building another one.

v2Media's websites have the primary task of generating business for the client. The top source of new business that we tap into is the search engines. Search engines practically ignore images because they cannot determine their relevance for any given search term without text content. So image gallery apps struggle to attract new visitors from the search engines.

The Product Catalogue/Photo Portfolio Gallery module developed by v2Media is tailored to solve the problem of attracting new business from the search engines with images. This solution is only of value if the images in the gallery represent commercial products or services. That being the case, the v2Media Product Catalogue – Photo Portfolio Gallery will perform well.

Our Catalogue/Portfolio Gallery Web App is not sold on the open market as a stand-alone product. It is sold to new Web design Clients as part of a solution that incorporates other systems, such as a content management system, or shopping cart. If you are interested in the v2Media Product Catalogue – Photo Portfolio Gallery module, give the office a call for a demonstration or more information.

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