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Content Management SystemsContent Management Systems (CMS) are web applications that allow website owners or administrators to manage the content delivered by their website and the access to that content. The minimum functionality that a CMS application should have includes:-

  • user/password protected access to CMS
  • section and or category organisation
  • article/content page adding, editing, and deletion
More advanced Content Management Systems will have a variety of supported content such as files, images, movies, blog articles, and RSS feeds. As supported content is diversified, the CMS requires more sophisticated programming. Access to content may also be restricted to paid subscribers, or internal security groups such as Editors, Content Writers, or Administrators.

The hub of a content management system is the webpage editor. The webpage editor is a Web application that allows you to make changes to a webpage without needing to know the markup language of the web, HTML. Such Web applications are called What You See Is What You Get webpage editors.

v2CMS – v2Media Content Management System Web Design

v2Media's Content Management System (v2CMS) is targeted at novice administrators and businesses with low to medium content requirements for their website. v2CMS Web design is for use by one administrator logged on at any given time. The types of supported content includes:-

  • Regular webpages
  • Files for download
  • Image gallery for products, services or portfolio

Content can be organised into unlimited categories. However if your website is delivered with advanced Search Engine Optimisation incorporated into the website, some categories and webpages will be reserved so that you cannot make changes that will undo the optimisation.

The categories in the v2CMS can have a published or unpublished status allowing you to show or hide the category from public. Access to categories can also be limited to security groups that you define, such as registered customers or website subscribers. The latter enables you to run a Premium Content website (content that must be paid for in order to be able to access it).

The v2CMS allows you to restrict access to individual webpages. You can set webpages to only display between a start and finish date/time and with similar restrictions mentioned above for categories.

WYSIWYG EditorThe webpage editor used in the v2CMS is a Microsoft Word like web application. The editor allows you to make many types of changes to your webpages without knowledge of HTML.

This webpage editor allows you to:-

  • Upload and edit images
  • Browse server for images to insert
  • cut/copy/paste visible content
  • several levels of undo/redo changes
  • spell checking*
  • text formatting and predefined styles
  • insert/edit/format tables
  • internal webpage link browser
  • upload files and browse server for files to link to
  • webpage content templates (great for speeding up webpage editing)
  • make changes to selected element properties in the Properties panel.

The v2Media website is powered by the v2CMS. Unlike many other web design companies, we don't ask our customers to use a CMS solution that we wouldn't use ourselves. We are consistently looking for ways to improve and simplify the v2CMS and we listen to our Client's suggestions for making the content management system easier to use.

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