Content Management

content managementYou may have heard the web saying "Content is King". Content, above all other website elements, is the key to keeping your website active. Nothing turns a website into a ghost town faster than stale content. Without fresh content, your website doesn't provide visitors with an incentive to return. Without fresh content, search engines loose interest in your old web pages. Without fresh content, your website will eventually fail as an effective marketing tool for your business.

The biggest barriers for website owners to keep website content up to date is time and skills. Some customers have also experienced or heard about web design businesses charging exorbitant rates for updating websites. We're different. Our website content management service is a flat fee of $60 per hour with 15 minute increments. What we're able to achieve in 15 minutes would usually take a non professional an hour or two to do. So if your time is valuable, try our content management service.

v2Media offers website content management services to existing clients and as a stand-alone service to all customers. If your website was built using PHP/MySQL, we can also provide custom website development to deliver information on your website in ways that are not supported; conditional display on time or geographic location for example.

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