Corporate Web Design

"I have one word, FABULOUS! We are thrilled with it. The CEO made a specific effort to tell the marketing director how pleased he was with the job" - K.B. Ohio USA

Corporate Web DesignCorporate Web design has many differences to web design for small businesses. Typically, corporations have more stakeholders in the project. Training and support for staff that have to administer the website is paramount. Corporations also have higher security and service level requirements.

v2Media staff are just as comfortable with the corporate hat on in communicating with clients as with small business customers. We understand that each project has responsibilities delegated across departments and that your corporation expects a certain level of professionalism.

Training, support and bullet-proof security are high on our list of features for our corporate web design proposals. We ensure that staff have the resources at hand to be proficient at their job, and phone support during business hours.

Corporate websites are also hosted on enterprise level web servers. Enterprise level web servers guarantee higher service levels by using redundant systems. Should one service fail, there's another service to fall back on.

Web site security also plays a big part in corporate web design. v2Media employs enterprise level security scanning software to probe the website for weaknesses to all known website intrusion methods.

If your company is interested in v2Media as a potential candidate for your next corporate website, please give the phone number below a call or check out our Request for Proposal webpage.

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