Credit Card Payments & Payment Gateway Integration

Credit Card PaymentsOffering a credit card payment option to your shopping cart checkout process is often a Web site upgrade made after launch. This is usually due to several possible reasons. The reasons most often encountered by v2Media are:-

  1. Insufficient number of sales at launch to warrant low-end payment gateway account costs.
  2. Client is not an off-line credit merchant and bank stipulates 6 months or more as an off-line merchant before eligible for an on-line merchant account.
  3. Budgetary constraints limit the features of the shopping cart store-front at launch.

Most v2Media clients opt not launch their first on-line shopping cart Web site with credit card payment options. This is why the shopping cart credit card payment method is offered as a stand-alone web development service at v2Media.

If you're already a credit merchant and your bank offers on-line merchant facilities, you will find the half of the prerequisites of the credit card payment method are easily covered. v2media has worked with many Australian banks to ensure our clients' sites meet the security and legal requirements of credit card e-commerce. We have worked with Westpac, ANZ and Commonwealth Bank scrutineers and have an in-house program for this process.

Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that authorises payments for credit card merchants. It is not unlike an on-line version of EFTPOS. The payment gateway ensures credit card and transaction information between the customer and the merchant is secure and also between merchant and payment processor.

The payment gateway is configured with your on-line merchant account ID to route funds to your nominated bank account. The payment gateway service provider offers web based applications for you to log-on and work with your transaction records. These records are used to reconcile transactions from your shopping cart.

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Accounting Software Integration

Many clients and customers ask about MYOB or QuickBooks integration with shopping carts. MYOB and QuickBooks and most other accounting software companies offer their own on-line payment solutions. They need to because, generally speaking, they don't encourage 3rd parties to interface with their software.

v2Media only offers MYOB integration to corporate clients with medium to enterprise requirements. Most small businesses do not have the budget to pay for accounting software integration with shopping carts. » e-Commerce » Credit Card Payments