Custom Web Design

"Very clean and a clever use of space. The new design has had nothing but positive feedback"- S.M. St Kilda, Melbourne.

web design brisbaneCustom Web designs are unique. v2Media defines custom Web design as a design process that makes the transition from an original design concept to finished compositions and finally to a working webpage without reusing creative assets from another web design project.

Original designs are the exception, not the rule in the Web design industry. Complete website templates are plentiful online and Web design companies like to use templates to cut production time on a project. Templates make a design job more profitable and it's common sense in business to adopt practices that improve production output.

Some Web design companies forgo pocketing the extra profit from using templates and choose to offer reduced prices on their web designs. Unfortunately there are web design companies that advertise custom web designs when in fact they're recycled templates.

v2Media uses website templates from previous projects when the client makes that call after being fully informed. The use of a template can bring a web design project back on budget for instance. However with custom web design, there are no shortcuts taken.

Sometimes website template vendors offer a unique price and a regular price. The unique price is supposedly for exclusive use of the template. However most template vendors still offer a unique price after the template has been previously purchased and used. The point is, you can't be 100% certain that the purchase of a template for exclusive use ensures the the resulting web design will be unique.

Custom Web Design Services at v2Media

v2Media offers custom web design by default. Templates are only used when approved by the client for whatever reason. This is one reason why you will find v2Media's web design proposals are a little more expensive than competitors. Our custom web design service extends to custom themes or skins for popular web applications such as:-

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