Customer Databases

Does your website harvest customer details for marketing purposes? If not, your website isn't fully exploiting the marketing potential of the Internet. Every interaction with a website visitor via forms is an opportunity to grow your customer base. Having a website that manages your customer details is also a time saving investment.

Many customers that we have visited were found to be managing their own customer lists as an Excel spreadsheet or the like. New customers were added to the list manually from emails that would arrive in their in-box (time permitting of course). Once they saw how much time and effort was saved with an online customer database, these customers saw the value in such a product.

Once the v2Media Customer Database is integrated into your website, not only are all customers that use the contact/enquiry forms added to your database, but we can also pipe one of your email addresses through the system. What would this achieve? All email that travels through the email address is tracked and if the recipient is not in the database, they're added. If the recipient is already in the system, the details of the email are logged under the customer's contact history.

But what value is in having a centralised customer database?

  • Bulk export your contacts in a file format for printed mail-outs or bulk email programs
  • Track all email communications to and from a customer
  • Group customers into Companies, Projects or distribution lists
  • Send email marketing messages to Groups defined in your database.

The v2Media website Customer Database includes a scaled down bulk emailing system. The emailing system supports opt-in and opt-out subscriptions and is good for mail-lists with 500 or less recipients when your site is hosted on a shared server1.

On v2Media's web servers, email has to be throttled to 5 recipients per minute. On dedicated servers or virtual private server, there is no such limitation. The v2Media Customer Database is a perfect solution for automated customer data entry, tracking email communications, and short mail-list bulk emailing.

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