Domain Registration

domain registrationCustomers that don't have a domain name registered can do so through v2Media. However we don't offer domain registration as a service to the public. For customers that already have a domain name registered and are not happy with their Registrar, we'll gladly transfer your domain to our Registrar and manage it for you.

All domain name registrations through v2Media will have you and your business details as the registrant and admin contact of the domain and v2Media as the technical contact. Your intellectual property is protected when you're the registrant and the admin contact for the domain.

Customers that already have a domain name registered and are new to v2Media will need to know how to access their domain management webpage. If you do not have this access, then you should contact your previous web designer and request them to relinquish control over the domain and send you the access details. This usually only applies to small business operators. Medium to large businesses will have their own domain manager that we would work through.

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