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v2Cart is the name of v2Media's eCommerce Shopping Cart/Catalogue. Most clients that approach v2Media for an e-commerce shopping cart solution are matched to one of three software packages depending on their needs:-

Software License Suitability
Magento Community edition is free open-source. The enterprise edition is costly at around $12K. Businesses with large scale retail operations or products in heavy demand. Not suitable for businesses with limited access to highly skilled Web application operators.
Zen Cart - OsCommerce Free open-source. Zen Cart is an off-shoot of OsCommerce. Most retail operations are suited to Zen Cart or OsCommerce. These two packages are powering 100's of thousands of online shops. There is a steep gradient to administering the store-front, but once established, both are reliable and easy to manage.
v2Cart Commercial, not sold on the open market. Price depends on client requirements. Suited to new entrants into online sales. v2Cart only has the minimal shop-front and administration features that are required to sell online. The simplicity of v2Cart makes it easy for entrants to manage. We offer v2Cart to new clients as a training ground for online sales. Once you're business is established and turning over decent sales, we encourage you to migrate to a solution that gives you more control over the Web site.

Is Your Shopping Cart Australian GST Compliant?

Most of the popular, open-source e-commerce shopping carts are developed by Europeans and Americans. In the majority of cases, these carts cannot be configured to be fully GST compliant. For example, Joomla Virtuemart cannot be GST compliant without modifying the source code. Even Magento eCommerce needs tweaks for Australian GST.

v2Media has helped many on-line vendors to get their shopping carts GST compliant with a combination of modifying the source code and reconfiguring the shopping cart. Providing your online shop is built with PHP, v2Media can make it GST compliant.

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Shopping Cart Consultations

To find out which e-commerce shopping cart solution is best suited to your needs, we offer a shopping cart consultation service. » e-Commerce » eCommerce Shopping Cart