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ecommerce web site designe-Commerce Web design projects can be intimidating for the first time on-line merchants. Selling on-line is not particularly difficult once your established; it's getting there that's the hard part. Designing e-commerce web sites is a cooperative project between the client and v2Media and your involvement in the project is good preparation for selling on-line.

In the process of planning an e-commerce Web site, we'll brief you on the technical and legal requirements, help make arrangements with your bank to get an on-line merchant account, and work out your new selling processes. Out of all types of Web design projects, new e-commerce Web site projects require the biggest contribution from the client to complete. Nothing complicated mind you, there's just a lot of details to cover.

The success of any e-commerce Web site design depends on the target market's response to the store-front's presentation and ease of use. The level of demand for your products also plays an important part. On-line shoppers can go to extraordinary lengths to order a product from totally awful Web sites if they want it badly enough. On the other hand, if your products are readily available at other Web sites, the slightest glitch or design oversight will see lots of abandoned shopping carts.

During the graphic design and Web page mock-up phase of a new e-commerce Web site, v2Media considers the target market as the most important factor in the decision making process. Sounds logical yes? You'll be surprised at how many businesses base their design decisions on personal taste or what the proverbial Jones' are doing!

v2Media will research the likes and dislikes of your target market, the strong points and weak points of competitor Web sites, and the best way to reconcile the needs of the target market against the branding needs of your business/company.

For those of you with an existing e-commerce Web site, v2Media offers custom theme designs for popular, open-source e-commerce Web applications:-

Providing that your e-commerce Web site is powered by a PHP/MySQL application, v2Media can help you with a fresh design and custom website development.

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