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Microsoft Sharepoint an example of an online collaboration software, or Groupware. Medium to large companies benefit from using Groupware to provide remote access to company resources and group communications between departments or project members.

Small businesses can also benefit from using on-line Groupware and Fileshare programs. Sales people can access company documentation and records on the road as opposed to having to remember to take copies on the laptop before leaving. Managers can use Group-ware to communicate with staff and leave directions for projects while away.

Groupware is also the ideal program for small businesses that offer services to the public that involve digital assets, such as printers and photographers. Once the company website has Groupware integrated, digital assets and project status messages can be uploaded and accessed by customers from the website; production staff get streamlined access to the resources required finish the job and keep the customer updated on progress.

There are many other applications of Groupware that are suited to small to medium businesses. Should you require a consultation to find out how Groupware can help your company or business operations, please give our office a call on 07 3123 9013 or send in an enquiry to request an appointment.

Fileshare Systems & Groupware Web Design at v2Media

fileshare v2mediav2Media builds Groupware systems that are tailored to suit the needs of small to medium businesses. The most popular Groupware applications, such as Sharepoint, have a multitude of features to make it suitable for a broad range of purposes at an enterprise level. For many small to medium businesses, the bulk of these features aren't required or need customising to suit existing business practises.

The Groupware that v2Media produces is assembled from pre-programmed assets that are matched to the needs of the client. No two projects are the same because every business is different. When you've checked out all of the off-the-shelf Groupware applications and still couldn't find an exact fit for your business, v2Media can help you with a solution that is tailored to suit your needs.

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