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Brisbane Landscape Design by Utopia

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Client: Utopia Landscape Design
Services: SEO Website Redesign, Sales Optimisation, Full Search Engine Optimisation


The Utopia web site received a total make-over and a complete shift away from an information/educational content site to a visual feast that exploits Utopia's many and varied projects in the greater Brisbane area.

The new design is quite experimental and cutting edge. This site is designed to scale the whole web page, images and text, to the size of the browser window. All galleries are compatible the desktop and Apple mobile devices. At the time of publishing, v2Media was unable to find another website that scales all html elements to the same extent.


Utopia Landscape Design were unimpressed with their first website. Whilst it looked great, it didn't generate any business. In 2006, v2Media gave the Utopia website the full sales, website and search engine optimisation treatment.

Today, Utopia bears heavily on the minds of competitors. We've heard from just about every south Brisbane landscaping competitor in their region wanting the same results that we produced for Utopia. However Utopia has our exclusive attention; we won't optimise another landscape designer's website in Brisbane.

Utopia Landscape Design simply DOMINATES the search engines for Brisbane landscaping results. Punch in any landscaping term with Brisbane on the end and you'll see Utopia, more often than not as #1.

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