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joomla php developerJoomla! is a free, open-source Content Management System (CMS) powered by PHP and MySQL. Joomla! is a development fork of the original Mambo CMS. Joomla! is fortunate to have a very large and active community of users and developers and an even bigger repository of plug-ins, components and widgets. Joomla! is a great solution for businesses that have to publish information to the web on a regular basis.

The downside of Joomla! is that the administrative back-end has a very steep learning curve for beginners that are new to managing web content. v2Media would not recommend Joomla! to small or medium businesses that have little or no access to basic web knowledge and skills.

Several Web design businesses use Joomla! as their preferred CMS for client's websites. v2Media is not one of them. In fact we have a relatively lucrative service of 'de-Joomlafying' websites for business that are fed-up grappling with Joomla! by extracting the content and migrating the site to v2Media's own CMS that is well suited to beginners and businesses with moderate web publishing needs.

Joomla! Expert Development & Web Design at v2Media

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v2Media has developed a suite of utilities for the bulk import and export of articles, users, and any other Joomla! database and file resources; invaluable tools for those who have annual importation, exportation or migration requirements.

For more information on customising Joomla, check out our PHP Developer webpage (Joomla is PHP/MySql).


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