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php magento developerMagento is an e-commerce web application developed in PHP, incorporating the Zend Framework for performance, and MySQL database. Magento is targeted at medium to large retail companies with access to advanced web administration and development skills.

Magento licenses come in three flavours: Community, Pro and Enterprise. Magento community version is free but the only support available is the Magento Community Forum. Magento Pro includes indemnification and support from the network of Magento Partners. Pro licenses cost around $4K. The Enterprise version starts at a whopping $12K per year, but is supported by the Magento developers themselves. The main points of difference between the free and paid versions are premium marketing features, enhanced functionality, indemnification and a Service Level Agreement.

As far as e-commerce platforms go, Magento is at the top of the pile for features and flexibility. Those features demand advanced to expert level web development skills to be flexible though. Magento is also very demanding on server resources. Unless your inventory and customer base are small in numbers, Magento requires a dedicated server to host your site.

v2Media has attempted to host Magento e-commerce on shared hosting solutions, but has found that it will hog resources and upset other website owners due to drops in server performance. Especially when using Magento to send regular newsletters to your customer base. Magento recommends dedicated hosting and at least 512mb of RAM. You can take that recommendation with a grain of salt as we've clocked Magento eating 1Gig of RAM and pigging out on the swapfile resources.

Magento Development & Web Design at v2Media

v2Media are specialists in helping those who want to migrate their existing e-commerce website to Magento. There are import and export utilities built into Magento, however they are only useful once the data for import has been shaped to Magento's requirements. If your current website is OsCommerce, the importation task is made easier with an OsCommerce importer.

Inventory and customer import is only half of the migration process though. v2Media can also adapt your existing website design into a custom Magento theme. Then there's the sales and customer management email templates, company policies and content pages. All of these tasks take a very long time for first time e-commerce website users. If our migration is on a tight deadline, then v2Media has the developer experience to meet your requirements.

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