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About PHP

PHP is an interpretor application for the server-side scripting language also called PHP. PHP is used for web applications, primarily for dynamic webpage generation. PHP has been in constant development since 1995 and today it is the platform of choice for most Web developers for creating dynamic websites. The icing on the cake is that PHP is free, open-source technology. v2Media is a PHP based web development company.

PHP Web Developers at v2Media

php web developerSo you're looking for a PHP Web Developer in Brisbane or the Gold Coast? v2Media has 2 very competent PHP Developers that we're happy to contract out for PHP development on your project. If your company develops it's projects on Windows servers, our lead PHP developer, Mark Senden, has in-depth knowledge of belting php into submission on Windows/IIS environments.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of development tasks that you may want to hire our PHP developers for:-

  • PHP installation and debugging on Windows/IIS (XP, Vista, Win2K3, Win2K8)
  • PHP web application installs, upgrades and debugging. Particularly for popular open-source web solutions such as:-
    • Magento
    • Joomla!
    • Wordpress
    • OsCommerce
    • Zen Cart
  • Migrating PHP Websites to new web-hosts
  • Migrating PHP Websites from Windows to Linux (or vice-versa)
  • PHP website security audits and lock-downs
  • Post-hacking website restoration & security patching
  • Basic and advanced PHP website functionality

There is more information in regards to PHP Web development solutions available in the Development and Systems sections of this website. 

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If your website is hosted on GoDaddy, Smarty Host, Planet Domain, or other low-budget, shared web-hosting services, please – do not contact us for php website installs, upgrades or debugging assistance. If your web-host's technical support is non existent or hopeless (GoDaddy is a prime example), we usually aren't able to help without access to tech level 2 assistance. » Development » PHP Developer