Website Sales & Conversion

Before: "Our site is already 'popular', it just isn't bringing in business"
After: "Thanks for your great service! We've been involved with several 'Web Promotion Experts' before and none of them delivered the quality service and results as [v2Media]."- K.B Ohio USA.

Website Sales & Conversion

website sales conversionPerhaps recently some work has been done to help your website return higher in search engine results pages? A fair amount of website traffic should be resulting in more sales or a decent number of enquiries Yes?

Refining the visitors attracted to your site to be closer to the target the market can result in a reduction of visitors. However in combination with a sales optimisation strategy, the net result is generating more business. Generating more business is the real reason for spending money on websites. May as well spend it on more target market exposure and a strategy to convert new visitors.

Converting New Visitors to Customers

Search Engine Optimisation isn't the only optimisation required for business websites. When the influx of new visitors arrive, the website must include a strategy for converting them into solid leads or sales. The number of visitors compared to sales/enquiries is called the Conversion Ratio. The process of improving your website's conversion ratio is called Sales Optimisation. Out of all the times you've been contacted about SEO services, how often is improving the sales potential of your website mentioned? Unless your web site was designed by or directed by somebody with marketing training, chances are there's a contact form on a page at the back of your website and this is the "sales strategy".

Website Sales & Conversion Optimisation at v2Media

  • Greater visibility on the Web
  • Attract the right visitors
  • Prod visitors into sales funnel
  • Boost conversion rate
  • Fatter client returns

Many business Websites are simply not geared to sell to the target market. Sometimes this gearing is required, or not desired. However if you invest in a website to generate business, the list above is v2Media's objectives. Sales Conversion Optimisation at v2MediaTo boost the conversion rate, your website is re-tasked to gain market-share. How we do that is with a mixture of services described on this website.

Repositioning your Website in the Market

One of the keys to increasing sales and conversion is repositioning your business website in the on-line market. How we do that involves a pinch of hype, a shake of promo and putting your business on a bit of a podium. It doesn't hurt to ask visitors a bit more often for their business as well.

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