Search Optimisation – SEO Repairs

Search OptimisationSearch optimisation, or SEO Repairs, is a service that v2Media offers to alter the way your website appears on search engine results pages. Search optimisation is always a process that is carried out to fix SEO mistakes or undesired results.

Some of the reasons for wanting search optimisation include:-

  1. Visitors that are referred by search engines are not the target market
  2. Unwanted pages are returning higher than the desired pages
  3. Unwanted pages are indexed at the search engines
  4. Your website is returning for undesirable keywords
  5. Unwanted descriptions for your page/s under the search result
  6. De-listing, exclusions or disappearance from search engines' results pages
  7. Previous SEO work to your website has not resulted in increased business

De-listings, Exclusions or Blacklisting at Search Engines

Search OptimisationIf your website has been de-listed at any of the search engines, chances are that you have fallen victim to Black Hat SEO tactics. v2Media will carry out the required repairs and apply the policy actions for reinclusion for the applicable search engine company. However please be aware that this is not a fast process, it cannot be expedited, and there's no guarantee. Search engine companies do not take exploitation of their engines lightly and lobbying for re-inclusion can fall on deaf ears.

Usually the search engine company will want to know the name/s of the person/s responsible for the exploitation, evidence that the all offending pages have been removed or repaired on your site, an apology and an assurance that it will never happen again.

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