SEO Consultant

SEO ConsultantSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is a difficult area to find reliable information. The companies that sell SEO services dominate the pool of readily available information. Wading through all that hype to get to the truth requires an industrial strength filter. Top it off with search engine marketing (SEM) companies competing with search engine advertising and you've got a veritable mine-field of information.

Optimising your website for the search engines is another contentious area. There's black-hat SEO tactics and tactics that can turn away human visitors for the sake of higher search result rankings. Cutting edge SEO actions of today may be liabilities tomorrow but there are tried and tru methods that will keep you in the good graces of the search engines.

Resident SEO guru, Mark Senden, can lift the veil that obscures SEO and SEM to reveal the facts about the practice of both SEO and SEM fields. Before you risk tens of thousands of dallars in a new SEO or SEM campaign, invest a few hundred on getting the facts from an expert. Topics and issues covered in the area of SEO and SEM include:-

  • On-site optimisation
  • Matching keywords to your website's objectives
  • Identification of black-hat tactics and problems that may cause penalties in search engines
  • External optimisation and building your website's profile
  • Optimum mix of SEM and SEO
  • Pitfalls of SEM or SEO only
  • Long term expectations for ROI

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