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"Thanks for the detailing guys. Can I just say that your thoroughness is what distinguishes you from the previous mobs. And no other company took the time to ensure we understood what this product is all about."- J.M. Brisbane City.

seo web designIf your website is not meeting your company's expectations, v2Media can revitalise your website to the target market with SEO (search engine optimisation) Web design. SEO Web Design is all about redesigning your website to work positively with the search engines. Human visitors benefit from SEO Web design as well! Your webpage urls, titles, text content and navigation links are categorised and optimised with relevant keywords and less branding or marketing hype. Humans appreciate concise wording as much as search engines do. It makes scanning for desired information so much easier.

SEO web designs place more importance on the text content and coding of your website. Search engines will rank your pages higher when relevant keywords are used in prominent and proper contexts and text copy is marked up correctly in HTML.

Marketing and branding still plays an important role in SEO Web design; these elements of the webpage are shifted to less prominent places in the html code. The net result may not make any difference when viewing the webpage in a browser; branding, marketing and sales elements will still be prominent – but search engines will see the text content they want before all of the 'irrelevant' content.

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SEO Web Designs Generate Business

"If you build it, they will come", on the Web, that's a load of rubbish!

To have your Website generating business, it must take a proactive role in attracting online visitors who are interested in your products and services. v2Media's SEO Web Design upgrade is a structure, content and communication delivery redesign. Such an operation requires expertise in web design, information delivery, webpage development, search engine optimisation, and follow-up analysis of results.

Our SEO Web designs include research into your target market, industry and competitors, and actual search data that applies to your products and services. Results of this research determines the structure that the SEO web design upgrade that will take place. The net result is a website that is optimised for use by your target market and the search engines referring them to your site more often.

If you want more information in regards to search engine optimisation, or web design, there's plenty more information to peruse on our website. When you're ready to make an enquiry, request a proposal or consultation, give the office a call on 07 3123 9013 or use the contact forms on the website. » Optimisation » SEO Web Design