Web Consultant

Web ConsultantDo you need the services of a web guru to advise on web related matters? v2Media's director, Mark Senden, has over 10 years experience working on the web and helping companies to fully exploit all the the internet has to offer.

Mark Senden has formal qualifications in multimedia from Monash University, Melbourne and Small Business Management from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. He has worked on a diverse range of web projects for small and large companies in a lead or managerial capacity.

A broad range of topics and issues are available for consultation:-

  • Business operations that apply to the Web/Internet
  • Business value of latest web technologies
  • Projected outcomes of planned web activities
  • Your industry trends in Web/Internet usage & uptake
  • Resources required to service web based business operations
  • Recommendation of solutions for business operations and their pros/cons
  • Going in-house or using external web contractors
  • Pitfalls to be wary of in dealing with Web companies

Consultation rates start at $140 per hour and $240 per hour for written reports.

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