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"Web transactions are nicely integrated to the server now. Congrats [V2], I never thought integrating MySQL with MSSQL across this firewall would be possible." - R.P.

web developmentThe term, Web development, is generally used as a blanket term to describe all the processes that are done to produce websites; from graphic design and conversion to working webpages to client liaison and web application development. Such genericism kills the need for the term all together.

At v2Media, Web development is the technical counterpart of Web design. All of the funky features and interface elements added to a website project are made to work using Web development processes. The main reason for this distinction of ours is due to the skill-sets encountered in the Web workforce. Web designers have strong, visual communication and creative skills but lack the degree of technical skills in converting graphics to working web pages to our requirements. Our requirements for Web development are met with the more technical stream of the web workforce.

v2Media Web developers have expert skills in the technical aspects of building websites. We look for developers who have had some design and communication training so that the nuances of Web interface design are not lost in the transition from graphic mock-ups to working webpages. The benefits to our clients is that their website is constructed by a team of professionals with specialist skills at each stage of the design process.

v2Media Approach to Web Development

Several Web Development services are offered at v2Media as stand-alone products. Most of the interest in our Web development originates from the corporate sector wanting to outsource trickier aspects in evolving their websites. Our conservative approach is tempered with security and baseline functionality, two qualities that are required at the enterprise level of web development. This conservative approach is factored into the small to medium business websites for our own clients.

It's important to note that the same technologies that have ushered in an era of richly interactive and animated websites is used maliciously to infect unwary website visitors with viruses and Trojans, theft of personal information, and other unsavoury results. Java, Javascript and Flash are common technologies used by the dark side of Web development. Savvy web citizens usually have these features disabled in their browser when visiting unknown websites.

For this reason, v2Media develops websites with base-line functionality. Base-line functionality ensures that visitors to your website that have the above mentioned browser features disabled can still use the website proficiently. Try visiting your website with javascript disabled. Does it work to your satisfaction?

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Web Development Services at v2media

Webpage Development:-

  • Advanced conversion of GFX mock-ups to HTML/CSS templates
  • Static (HTML) to dynamic (PHP) webpage conversion

Client-side Coding:-

Server-side Coding & Database Design:-
  • MSSQL & Access
  • MySQL to MSSQL Integration

Our developers can also customise popular open-source PHP web applications such as:-

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