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website sales conversionThere are several approaches to marketing your business on the web, each differing according to the supplier of the internet marketing service. If you use the services of an advertising agency, there will be a focus on brand and branding exercises. Advertising agencies will inevitably down play the role of your website and steer you in the direction of traditional media because that is where these agencies are geared to make a profit. You'll also notice a few more zeros on the bill because traditional media advertising is far more expensive than marketing and advertising on the web.

If you use the services of an Internet marketing agency, you will be offered a search engine advertising campaign that will attract qualified visitors to your website. A managed search engine advertising campaign can get very expensive. The cause for concern here is whether the agency takes a look at your existing website to determine its selling potential. If they don't, you may be quite bluntly, getting ripped off.

Web design companies with marketing as part of their service line-up will usually offer you a blend of the two services mentioned above. Some web design companies may also offer search engine optimisation as part of the marketing mix. The thing to watch out for is whether the company is worth their salt in the SEO department.

For small to medium businesses, there is a place for all three marketing service providers. The trick is to strike a balance between each service that engages all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. v2Media can guide you through the marketing maze to achieve a healthy mix of advertising services and sales strategies to achieve an optimum balance for maximised returns.

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