Web Systems Integration

web systems integrationBusiness networks are no longer the domain of large corporations and companies. Relatively easy to maintain and cost effective network servers have been accessible to small businesses for the last 5-7 years. Websites for small to medium sized business during that time have remained largely external to the business operations being performed with the internal network.

Websites do not have to be external entities that share no resources with the company network. For example, in the retail sector, website sales systems are usually independent of bricks and mortar shop sales. Integrating the two is possible. Imagine only having to maintain the one inventory with shop and website sales drawing from the same SOH.

The same applies to wholesale sales. Typically wholesalers would have to manage two inventories; one for the web and one for bricks and mortar land. By integrating the website with the network systems, you cut the amount of stock management in half.

No matter which industry your company operates in, there's more than likely to be an opportunity to save time and resources by integrating systems with your website. To find out more, give the office a call on 07 3123 9013 or request a consult.

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