Website Maintenance

Not every company can afford to employ a permanent Webmaster; that's where v2Media can help. Our website maintenance service includes:-

  • Incidental and major content updates
  • Webpage repairs and browser compatibility updates
  • Usage monitoring and user moderation (blog/forum moderation)
  • Website Spam removal
  • Website status monitoring (hack attempts etc)
  • Staff and website visitor technical support

v2Media will have a finger on the pulse of your Website. Contact us to get your Website running smoothly 24/7. Our Premium service includes important reporting features:-

  • Weekly comprehensive traffic and usage report
  • Notification of downtime and technical issues
  • Translation of all technical comm's into layman's terms for your digestion

Website maintenance is priced on monthly instalments that are calculated according to your specifications. An optional, comprehensive report can be compiled when you sign-up. This report would be an invaluable tool to gauge the current status of your Website according to the above criteria.

Some customers have requested this comprehensive report as a stand-alone service

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