Website Optimisation & Boosting Website Profiles

Website optimisation and boosting websites' external profiles are two key strategies used to attract new visitors to your website, keep them there, and have them coming back for more. Ensuring your site displays predictably in the major browsers is also important for a consistent user experience.

Website Optimisation

In a nutshell, website optimisation improves the relevance and readability of your website to search engines, improves the experience for the user, and gives your past visitors a reason to return or recommend your site to someone else.

Improving the relevance of your search results at the search engines is covered in detail on our search optimisation page.

Improving the experience for your website visitors involves making the site easier to navigate, laying out the content in a logical manner, reducing the amount of time each webpage takes to load, and making sure the website is compatible in all major browsers. This last point, browser compatibility, is a big issue.

Web Browser Compatibility

A lot of web design companies are run by graphic designers. The majority of designer's skills are in graphic design, branding and making graphics look very, very funky. Converting the designs into working webpages is easily done with the software that graphic designers use, Photoshop and Dreamweaver for example. All good so far. But the webpage coding that these programs generate, the coding that web browsers read to display the webpage, is shocking, terrible, a nightmare on Elm Street! When a designer depends on Dreamweaver or Photoshop to generate the webpage HTML for them, browser compatibility comes with luck, not skill.

Web Browser CompatibilityA good portion of our website optimisation time is spent on throwing out the junky code that Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Fireworks produce. We replace it with clean, pared back code that the major web browsers can easily understand. We can do this because our web designers design the graphics and the page layouts and then sits in on the website plan for content delivery. Our web developers do the actual building of the website. The developers' skills come in obscure code form (jpg and gif compression, XHTML, CSS, JS, Ajax, jQuery etc); hard to understand from a layman's perspective, but produce fantastic results!

The search engines love to eat lean, clean code. Browsers love lean, clean code. Happy search engines and happy browsers equals more visitors arriving at your site, staying longer and returning to your website. To attract even more visitors from the web involves boosting your website's external profile on the Internet.

Boosting Website Profiles

Boosting Website ProfilesYour website's profile is the sum of the elements that makes your website visible to the people using the web and the impression that your profile gives these people. Your website's profile forms the basis of it's reputation and hence your business's on-line reputation. Boosting your website's profile is integral to attracting new visitors. The bigger your profile is, the easier it is for new visitors to find their way to your site. Search engine optimisation is for boosting your website's profile in the search engines. But what's also required is a boost to your profile at other websites.

Website optimisation and boosting website profiles are two key strategies used by v2Media to optimise your website. In concert with search engine optimisation and sales optimisation, the right mix of all these elements will result your website generating more business.

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