Website Order Fulfilment

Fulfilling website orders is a neglected area in web development. In every single popular e-Commerce system, little is done for the site administrator to fulfil orders. After visiting our clients with e-Commerce websites to observe what happens after orders from the website come in, it was found that the administrative back-end of the website did not help with the physical logistics of fulfilling orders.

v2Media studied 3 very different retailers in action over 3 months to analyse how an e-Commerce website can be improved to facilitate order fulfilment. The result of those observations culminated in a set of reports, data files, and changes to inventory records that help the order fulfilment process.

It wouldn't be very prudent of us to blat this information out in a webpage visited by our competitors. Instead, if you're interested in a demonstration of how v2Media can save your company time and wages in fulfilling website generated orders, give our office a call on the number below.

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