Website Redesign & Upgrades

website redesignRefreshing your website with a redesign is an effective way to rejuvenate interest and attract more visitors to your website. If your business's products and services are sought after online, redesigning your website and updating the text content is the perfect method for increasing your rankings at the search engine websites.

When v2Media redesigns your website, it will have logical navigation links, relavant and descriptive copy for your company and products, and a clear call to action to convert new visitors into customers. The graphic style and general look and feel of the new website will not only be appealing to your target market, but will also be thoroughly tested in all of the major web browsers to ensure that the website is consistent for all visitors.

A Website redesign is the perfect time to also consider an upgrade. The choice of upgrades would depend on the primary task that your website has to perform. Here's a few ideas that might apply to your website redesign project:-

Website Task
Upgrades Suitability
Inform Market
Company blog, Content Management System, Sales optimisation, online survey, email marketing
Businesses with products and services that are sought after online. Blogs and online surveys are a great way to interact with the market. The fresh content generated with blog and survey systems encourage search engines and visitors to return to the site.
Retail Sales
Sales optimisation, customer loyalty program, gift certificates
Sales optimisation is the most important upgrade. If there are barriers to purchasing on your website, v2Media breaks them down and streamlines the purchasing process to make it easier for visitors. Repeat business can be encouraged with loyalty programs and gift certificates etc.
Customer Support
Searchable online knowledge base, email support ticketing system
If your human resources are stretched to the limit to support your customers, an online knowledge base is a tried and tested method of alleviating the pressure. Some customers can help themselves by searching your online knowledge base.

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