Website Reporting Solutions

website reporting solutionsCorporate customers will be interested in v2Media's website reporting and auditing capabilities. Company I.T. personnel are pushed to the limit these days and often have no time to spare for compiling reports about website security and usage. If your company is in need of web related reporting, v2Media can help you with:-

  • On-Site Search Engine Optimisation (optional competitor comparisons)
  • Search Engine Rankings & External Linkage (optional competitor comparisons)
  • Website Quality Control (load speed, broken links, HTML errors etc)
  • Website Security Audits
Reporting solutions range in price from $450 to $1500. If you are interested in v2Media's website reporting solutions, we can provide you with example reports. Example reports have all identifying information cloaked or removed all together. However these examples are enough to assess whether your requirements will be met.

Due to the sensitive nature of these reports, requests for example reports will only be sent if you can provide the domain name of the site under your charge and an email address for that domain. Alternatively we can post example reports to the mailing address of your company as stated on the website under your charge.

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