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wordpress php developerWordpress has to be one of the most popular open-source blog publishing applications on the web. It is reportedly powering over 200 million websites! Wordpress is an extremely simple web application to use, hence it's popularity. For this reason, v2Media recommends Wordpress to small businesses with low content management requirements and the desire to interact with the target market via blogging.

Wordpress Development & Web Design at v2Media

Wordpress has such a huge community of developers, it is more than likely that a plug-in already exists for your custom Wordpress requirements. v2Media has a good knowledge of what can and can't be done with Wordpress; so if there's no plug-in to do what you want Wordpress to do, we can develop one for you.

In the past we have helped small businesses customers wanting Wordpress premium content for registered users and subscription payments for premium content. We've also written plug-ins for custom portfolio galleries and custom contact forms.

Most recently, the demand for v2Media's Wordpress services has been for custom Wordpress themes. *Other web designers are outsourcing custom theme development to v2Media. So if you've trawled the Wordpress theme galleries and didn't find anything suitable, perhaps you need a custom theme.

Whatever your Wordpress requirements are, give us a call on 07 3123 9013 or use our website's contact form to send in a general enquiry.

*projects that have been subcontracted to v2Media do not feature in the v2Media Web Design Portfolio. v2Media does not develop Wordpress MS (Multisites).

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